Why? Because Kids Rule!

The Kids Rule Weekend is an event, created and produced by Lehman Stages, that brings families together, helps create a sense of community among our neighbors, an incredibly diverse community. It helps instill a love of performing arts in the young people that attend and fosters a better appreciation of what the Bronx has to offer. For many children in this community it’s their first introduction to what a college campus looks and feels like. And while the pony rides, water slides, the miniature steam engine, free children’s theater, face painting, crafts, and carnival games span a weekend, the impressions they make last for a lifetime. How do we know this? Because each fall, we’re meeting more and more students who first walked across the Lehman College campus as children, only now they cross that same green quad as enthusiastic Lehman College freshmen.


Now...you tell us; how great is THAT?

In efforts to generate funding for Kids Rule the talented artist, Charit Santana has created a limited amount of pieces you can bring home with you once you make a donation. All donations made on this page is processed through Paypal so it is secure. Artwork will also be on display at the next Poetic Affair on June 14.

Remember there are a limited amount of pieces so donate now!

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