About Us

1. Provide a platform for literary and performance artists to explore, create, develop and see their work come to life.

2. Produce necessary work established in meaningful art that emphasizes the current state of our world and our future.

3. Create a community for artists to grow and prosper through our mentorship program.

Our Mission:

Art Defined Productions seeks to establish a collective of artists that will present works to the underserved communities throughout New York City, especially within areas of The Bronx.

Providing arts and culture to the community will encourage discovery for personal growth. Art education is vital to the development of the community, applying increased benefits such as literacy, speech, critical thinking and creativity. While bringing artists and community members together, this artistic movement will create new experiences to inspire a defining perspective of art.

Our Vision:

Founded by established artists, Art Defined Productions is a movement to address the hardships of artists searching for safe spaces to express, share and call home. Our response is to offer insights into the professional world where we create opportunities in a nurturing environment.

Through workshops and showcases, these cultivating environments produce significant works that encourage the artist’s unique voice. Taking full ownership of their craft, artists will now approach their careers understanding their intrinsic value. Now representing their communities, they will be seen, heard and honored. 

Our Approach: