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Our Poems:
Where Words Paint a Picture


Art Defined Cycles: 
Poetry Writing Workshop
Theme: Are you recognizable by your values
Date: January 28, 2024
Instructor: Ray Jane
Author: Our brave participants

Would you know me by my values?

The neighbors call me a fool for feeding

Stray cats and children

For wiping their runny noses with my

finest lace

i try to show my values in my face, my

actions, my

Life, my grace to you

Do I portray what I profess?

I would never twist language 

always looking

for the poetry in each moment 

I choose to soar

My place is here 

in this imperfect world 

so why do I expect perfection?

Do you know me yet?

Eye am love at my best 

And eye tend to forgive the rest

The struggle to yearn for a healthy lifestyle 

Defines me or so

Overclouds my head

Do I portray what I profess?

Would you see God in me 

as I speak to the unhoused 

in these mean streets, 

do I hold the ancestors lessons in my smile



Susana @la.doctora.susana

PJ @pjsamuelspoet

Carla Schick

Connie Taylor

Jarvic P


Art Defined Cycles: Poetry Writing Workshop

Theme: Collab Part Deux- R(3)storation

Date: April 30, 2023

Instructor: Ray Jane & Paul Con Queso

Authored by our brave participants

“Yesterday’s battles are done now”

take a breath and go with the flow

I breathe in slow and exhale

As if me and exhaustion are intertwined until end’s time.

Inhaling life’s tomorrow”

ignore the mental scream within saying "I can't breathe"

Tomorrow became today


I scream into an abyss searching for resuscitation

As the water of life bathes the battered and tattered soul, 

Can feel like sunshine.... so get you some!

we will continue to thrive 

for it is the nature of the spirit to be tenacious.

We are present creatures becoming the future

“Yesterday’s battles are done now”


Nikki Gray Holmes

Norm Mattox


MJ Blackwell

Principe Guity Jr


Bonnie Boucek

Terri Rose-Jertsen

Bryan Franco “Generalissimo”



Ray Jane Cycles

8/21/22 Exquisite Corpse

I choose to change

I choose to rid myself of traumas that keep me alive 

while deteriorating my spirit

I am more than my edits, I become the punctuation on dark sides

I remind myself, no one can colonize the tongue of my inner mind

Indomitable, my voice, the will to power, find

Bury my burdens in the graves of control

Sweep the rich earth over to remind us of growth

I know the time has come, I can feel it in my soul

And all I can do is wait and hope new winds might grow, 

that i might flutter to the nearest flower and quench my burning thirst

Towards the door I move, shaking as I go

A storm is coming and I will no longer stand back

To stand in the storm and face it is the only way to feel alive


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