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Poetic Affair is a series of one-night events that consists of part poetry slam and part featuring artist showcase. Here, our artists get to be discovered within the community, and they get more exposure to the arts.

All poets of all ages, especially high school students, are encouraged to participate in the open mic while also joining the audience for a showcase of the featured poets.

We are always seeking partnerships with established poetry collectives to provide our community with events. All donations are managed to promote further events. Sign up for Poetic Affair below.

Poetic Affair Night - Man Performing on His Guitar
Cycles - Poetry Wriitng Workshop


 "Cycles", facilitated by Paulconqueso and Ray Jane, is an immersive & generative poetry workshop that taps into the memories, moments, seasons & songs that make up our existence. 

Model poems, music & prompts will provide a template for attendees to tap into imagery & experiences from their lives which will help shape radical poems that explore what has shaped their cycles: how we rise, how we fall, & how we put ourselves back together. & together, we will venture into the brave spaces of healing & exploration of cycles still yet to come.




    Flip The Script Series is a free workshop series instructed by award-winning and internationally produced writer Juan Ramirez, Jr.

    Whether it's a screenplay, teleplay, web series, or all other scripts in between, each workshop helps you craft skill sets using concepts and techniques focused on the specific visual art of storytelling.
    Bring your commitment, curiosity, compassion, and story concepts and come flip the script! This workshop is held on Zoom.

Flip The Script Series Poster
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